Richest women in India :- ROSHNI NADAR MALHOTRA

We all know who is the richest men in India mr. MUKESH AMBANI.

but very few Indians are have knowledge about richest women in India…

Roshni nadar malhotra is the richest women in India who is leading HCL group….!!!!

Actually when we thought about richest women in India our mind direct us on “NITA AMBANI”

No, that’s 100% wrong ROSHNI NADAR MALHOTRA is the richest women in India🇮🇳

ROSHNI NADAR MALHOTRA born in 1982 in Delhi capital of India

Now if you born in a family which is in a business which is already well set then you can say that yes business and entrepreneurship is in her DNA.

It’s not that means that if you are born in business family than you are the best at that business…

If you are born in simple family and you born in well set business family…. There is difference for sure

Isn’t it…??

Now she went vashant valley school for her education…!!!

After her schooling she done “mass media & communication” From NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY in ILLINOIS, US

She is the only child of SHIV NADAR who is founder of HCL group…!!!

That means she grew up with very lovingly & Independently.

But being a kid of well Setalled family….the path is not easy for her to being richest women in India.

After her graduation she works for sky news for couple of years as a news producer in London.

And she went back to business school in NORTHWESTERN to the KELLOGG SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT.

And after this she came back to India.

One day shiv nadar come to her and told her that she will join the company in near future….!!!!

She shock….because she haven’t any Technical knowledge and HCL is pure technical company….

She is learn management but that is not enough….!!!!

Only educational management is really not Enough to run a big company like HCL….

But somewhere….. Entrepreneurship is in her DNA.

she decided to join a company….!!!!!

And it was quite interesting because ever since then a lot of their initiative and institutions are already launched….!!!!
Each one is entrepreneurial process it self….!!

It’s 30th year of HCL when she joined it…!!!!

Richest women in India

So we can say that the HCL group was already built before her joining…!!!

So at that time her goal is not to become richest women in India as a any normal child she just came in her family business…!!!

And she is a only child of her parents so there is no rocket science in it…to She join HCL

But there is a different experience like…..that is so normal to join family business if you are a male personality….!!!!

But as a female it’s hard for them to came into family business…..

I’m not against female leadership….but life journey of female is quite different from male…..

And that’s the truth…we can’t ignore it….WHO IS THE RICHEST WOMEN IN INDIA

What’s your opinion …???? Do comment down

We have to salute her parents who is give responsibility to her….and showing confidence on her

And she also proven them right by running organization very well…..and become richest women in India….!!!!

She not built a company…..her father did

To reach at a high level is tough…. No doubt… But to stay at that point is far more tough then this….!!!!

She run a company….she became CEO of HCL everything is great…!!

But I’m the fan of her thinking ideas….!!!!

She is not just run a company…. Instead of just run a profitable company she add value which are the adorable….!!!!!

The best thing she add which is my personal favourite thing i wanna share with you…

And yes she didn’t stop even after a become richest women in India…. To put values in HCL.

Roshni nadar add a concept of “IDEAPRENEURSHIP” In her company….!!!!
And that’s really away from employees to get together and come up with unique ideas…come up with unique solution….

And they provide some short of not as much a structure program but incubation those ideas and allow to develop…!!!

After this innovation in company….now she is women…. Now there should be her responsibility to encourage female to come up and joie business and jobs and startup and etc…!!!

The situation is very dramatic in India in HCL itself according to ROSHNI NADAR in top 200 leader at HCL they even don’t have a single women leader….!!! This is shocking!!

Isn’t it??

She reflect her attention on this….!!!

Instead of just focus on company growth….she took initiative and that’s make her somewhere around richest women in India.

She thinks that what steps should be taken if she would like to see next CEO which would be a woman…

One of things which she did is she Institute the diversity committee….
In which herself and her father SHIV NADAR and one other special guy…are needs to drive this

And they leading a so much leadership program which are specifically for women….

Who is ceo of hcl.

Who are reporting to the top 200 manager in the company to allow them to some sort of mentoring …..
For them to be able to come and do personal development courses at some of the top university all over the world….

And also provide them flexible working hours, work at home hours etc..

What’s also interesting is how do they actually get women back after the age of 35-40…
What’s happens that they get married….and careers going fine then family comes in and
That’s when they leave….!!!

She noticed that….they have to actually plug the gape… Bringing them back into the system…. And not really treated as a loss time….
And those are the strategies they are thinking of….. How do they bring the women back….

One of the interesting things they doing since past couple of years…. That every board meeting, every quarter they break up the board into groups of two-two board member each…
And each board member hosts 10 women employees who are the real stars for lunch…!!

So they starting to board actually meets who are these potential stars….

They have been spend lot of time on them….mentoring them personally.

And that’s really appreciated…!!!

Now that’s make her different than others….

Nobody other child who are born in business family…is become richest women in India…!!! In female specially.

Doing not only for herself or only for her company but she offers something fir society also….

And this era in 2020-2021 world there should be no difference between male & female…!! That’s the real independent!!!!!


Let’s get back on the Roshni NADAR

after finish her study and return from the business school at the age of 28 within 6 months of returning her father SHIV NADAR mat her the CEO of HCL CORPORATION!!!

Of course she grownup with HCL in her DNA so to speak she is only child and she watch her father to create it but….. She is very overwound at that particular point.

And ROSHNI NADAR ask to her father ” Why did you make me the CEO”

and her father SHIV NADAR replied ” You know when i started HCL i was a first generation entrepreneur and times very different, when I’m making you the CEO your start point is very different , HCL is already so established , so there is a certain exposure that you need and you need it really fast, and we don’t have the luxury of time”!!!!!

Roshni nadar with her father

After making her the CEO she went in a Rotational program where ROSHNI spent couple of weeks in each division in each institutions getting to know people…..

She getting to know people amazingly, she build a relationship amazingly….

and that’s the point when slowly and staidly trying to know the structure of the company.

Somewhere deep down there is a little hand of her parents to become the richest women in India…!!!

They never force her for anything.
ROSHNI ask her father once Did you always know that he would want her to join HCL

SHIV NADAR replied “YES”

It’s an IT company so how come you were the typical Indian parents who said you must study engineering…..!!!!

That is what lot of Indian parents encourage…
and lot of children who are the part of technology industry have gone through the process….

Even though her parents never ever said anything to her about her study mainly…!!!

Now when she is the part of the system 8-10 year hence she feels very comfortable and able to become richest women in India which shows how she passionate about her work and ethics….

Now she is the CEO of this empire and have the lovely family… If she wants she can just do the work for her company & for her family….

But she is unique and that’s the uniqueness is the results that she become richest women in India…!!!

She live with the vision & dream not for only HCL but for the society for her nation and specially for her state actually….!!!

Now we are going to know her glorious gifts which she give to the society….!!!

She can do anything like she can give funding to the Start-up or she can give free foods to the needy one….give a money as a loan to the needy… She can start NGO for anything and offer seva to the society…!!!

But she deeply think about it…not what she can do….she concentrate on that what she should do…

She find out the way she can full fill all the people’s need from bottom….!!!

She decided to contribute in a EDUCATION

Not only education but she wants to concentrate on the “QUALITY EDUCATION”

You can give free food that can only fill a one day need or 2 day or may be a year maximum…

And this can only she can offer to limited people…!!!

She took initiative to give the “QUALITY EDUCATION” to the poor people’s children….!! Who have amazing confidence in their self….an excellent mind-set….the spark to do something brilliant…..!!!

And they waste this energy just because lake of opportunity…!!!!

If a guy who is suffering for even food… who’s parents are not able to educate him because of their financial conditions…. Get this opportunity and become a big personality will obviously give his something to the needy one in society…!!!

Try to identify the concept of ROSHNI NADAR’S ….why she choose education for donation….!!!.

Roshni NADAR at Vidyagyan

It’s built like a chain…a person get and good quality education from her Institute he or a
She become something and then that person give something and something to society….and this go at the next level

Education is the most important thing for a country like India… But not education “QUALITY EDUCATION” is necessary…..!!!!

And she decided to do something extremely outstanding thing for this…..

They thought about this in year 2008….and they start from UTTAR PRADESH they work particular in Noida….

UTTAR PRADESH is the most Populous state in a country….but on a lot of metrics perhaps the most underserved when it comes to education….specially school education….

She was really exciting with like her own entrepreneurial venture so to speak at the same time they get support from the UTTAR PRADESH government help them with the admissions process , in the selection process.

But they not even demand a rupee from the government for this…. The entire school is fully funded and supported by the “SHIV NADAR FOUNDATION”

It’s really exciting because what they’re doing with the children there is they are making them literate….

They’re hoping to in the future make them like a strong personality….!!

Which is leaders and whatever field that they choose to be in and that’s the pretty exciting and challenging task…..

They have two-prong examination and approximately out of two lacs students who sat for the exam only two hundred students they choose….!!!
And it’s take 6 months to do it and that’s where the MOU with the UP GOVERNMENT keeps in because they help them to facilitate the examination…

Candidates have to pass mass base test…And after that they have a much more focus test that test their cognitive ability.

Because we were to try to test their literacy sometimes may not get the diamonds in the rough…!!

Roshni NADAR with students


But whether you’re thinking in English or you’re thinking in Hindi if you are bright…. You’re bright….!!!

This clearly shows that they are just focusing on quality not quantity…!!

They are not just want to become a headline in newspaper…but they want to really fo something for them with interest…!!!

And this truly a leadership Academy it’s not just educational Institution for the masses.

Vision of the school is one day hopefully in our lifetimes if not after maybe one of their student become the “PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA”

As she become richest women in India….!!!

And the slowly results are coming….!!

Toppers of batch are in get placement in colleges like LSR & MASSACHUSETTS

Some of them are in IIT & NIT

And they are improving a lot…. ROSHNI’S main aim is to place students on global platform….!
And also wanted to get their students admission in Indian top colleges like DUI or SRCC or LSR etc…..

She wanted to develop leadership kind of attitude in their diamonds!! (students)

Hcl chairperson

And the things which shows more gratitude of ROSHNI is everything A TO Z things provide to students from them…..

Be it a food or a hostel or a clothes or stationary or anything else….. Students or their parents spend not even a single rupee after took admission in Vidyagyan!!!!!!

According to ROSHNI NADAR the toughest challenge for her is to find good teachers…. Even when she is the richest women in India…..

This is shocking!!!!

But that’s the reality of our country….!!

We love our country….we respect it at the best…. We also highly appreciate of our heroes (freedom fighters) our army, our police force, “GOOD” politicians…our flag our NATIONAL ANTHEM and everything….

But we accept the truth….the reality is somewhere our country is more give attention on a QUANTITY rather than QUALITY….

Quality education is still dream for our country…!!!

We can easily find lacs of engineers but hardly 100s of them are quality engineers who had a knowledge how to handle any situation….!!!

And yes.. This is not good thing about this amazing country….!!!

No doubt…we are improving….and I’m damn sure we are reach that education level in near future….!!!

And people like ROSHNI NADAR as a richest women in India contributes with much attention towards this….

And with no if and but… Building this type of school and campus….it’s need huge amount of money time and efforts….!!!!

As a richest women in India you have to be give more attention in the business you are….

But even though according to ROSHNI NADAR 100CR rupees are spend to build this education system and plus an average per student they spend 20 LACS rupees which is quite huge amount…..


No doubt you are the richest women in India but to do work like this….you need a big heart!!!!!

and lot more time and efforts…..!!!!

We have to appreciate obviously bank like HDFC & SBI…. they give scholarship to students of Vidyagyan for their higher education….!!!!!

FROM HDFC they got 6cr….. This is amazing like genuinely people and organization are forward their steps….in matter like this…..

The other side of Vidyagyan challenge…

In country like India where people are scared….

When first time Vidyagyan launch parents are like everything is free…!!!!!!
They like ” DAL ME KU6 KALA HE”

Even though she is a richest women in India…people are afraid ….!!!!!

and yes not in even India in whole world if you are starting something like this….people will scared to send their children their specially girls…..!!!!






































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